Do We Know What Time It Is?

This was the question the prophet asked as he completed his message last Sunday at our church. So, do we know what time it is?

It is late and much is at stake. The next generation is at stake and we do not have time to have conversation with the “Sanballat’s” who want to distract us from following God’s assignment. We must ignore their opposition because they will be consumed in their own schemes, pride and ignorance because they cannot take part in this thing that God is doing. Do we know what time it is?

The soul of this nation is at stake and we do not have time to get caught up in the “fray” of political battles over ideologies of various parties. This is a smoke screen used by the evil that is influencing those in power.
But there are those who operate above the fray and follow the orders of our King. There are those who hear and speak the decrees that will release His angle armies to do His Will. Can we still not see the bigger picture of what is taking place? Do we know what time it is?

Families are at stake as the prevailing culture of darkness is sweeping away common sense and many forget that Kingdom culture is to be our standard. But, there are those who will not bow their knee to the gods of immorality, convenience, and self indulgence. There are those who proclaim “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” This is the remnant of the church who is looking to be trained for Godliness and not entertained. These are not looking for the church or the school to raise their children, but assume the role assigned to them as parents and say NO! to the Satanic indoctrinations that the schools and media are bringing. Do we know what time it is?

As imagers of God, we do not have time to be distracted by foolishness. We must press into God and seek His face. I have heard repeatedly “ devour My Word”. The Lord spoke to me in December 2022 while on Sabbatical at Moravian Falls saying, “the US will go through a great trial in the days ahead because of the blood crying out to Me from your land. Millions of babies died because of submission to the gods of darkness. But My Remnant will ride the storm and the wave of My Glory will carry them above the fray. They will lead many who will follow. Do not be discouraged in the days ahead!”

We must not be discouraged because we serve the great God Jehovah. The Cross of Christ has stripped the devil of his power. His only tool is deception and this is why we must devour God’s Word.

We have no time to waste by not understanding that we are Sons of God. It is time to get rid of a victim mentality. This is a trick of Satan to keep people dependent on someone else. It is time to get rid of the excuses we cling to because we were traumatized decades ago. This is a trick of the enemy to keep people from rising out of their past and into the future. It is time to be accountable for our actions and stop blaming others for where we are in life.

God never consults our circumstances to bring us into the place He destined for us. Yet many consult their age, check book, education, and friends before they answer the call of God. These will always win if we dare give them a momen of time.

Do we know what time it is? Do we understand the criticalness of the hour? We are called for such a time as this! We can take this! Hoka Hey!

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