Resentment…The Not So Silent Killer

Morning Thought…Resentment, The Not So Silent Killer

I awoke with a message in my inbox from an organization I subscribe to that gives CEU’s to our counselors. They were advertising a new class on working with deep seated resentment and understanding the effect of resentment on our physical bodies, causing our limbic system to “light up” and our frontal lobes to go offline. (Ruth M. Buczynski, PhD)

I was reminded of Hebrews 12:15 and how God’s word tells us that resentment will “defile many”. One Lexicon says defile means “to stain, as with demonic process” resulting in many becoming defiled because of that stain. It goes on to mention Esau and his resentment toward Jacob because of the choice Esau made to give over his birthright for a bowl of soup. Sometimes our own sins will become the seed to our resentment.

How often is our resentment due to our response to decisions God has made? Ishmael was not God’s choice, but Isaac was. Esau was not God’s choice, but Jacob was. Saul’s sin caused God to choose David and Saul’s reign ended. Adonijah was not God’s choice, but Solomon was. We could go on and on.

When Esau realized his birthright was gone, who did he go to? He went to the descendants of his uncle Ishmael and married one of their daughters. (Gen 28:9). When Saul could no longer hear from God, he visited a witch. (1 Samuel 28:7). These dark spirits will draw and attract.

Resentment is a powerful and destructive tool of the enemy. The enemy will convince us that we were right and the other person wrong, even if our very choices in life created the situation, resulting in God orchestrating events, as He did with Jacob and David.

Some suffer as victims of others’ resentment. Jacob had to flee due to the threats of Esau. David was threatened and chased by Saul because of his resentment toward David for taking his throne. Actually God took Saul’s throne because of Saul’s own sins, but Saul’s resentment did not allow him to see his own part in God’s decision. And, Saul’s attacks on David were relentless.

These attacks may come in the form of accusations, slander and word curses because “resentment stains with demonic process” and often many innocent ones become involved and defiled.

How do we overcome?
If we become the innocent victims of another’s resentment, we must do as David did and seek God. We must protect our hearts from revenge and retaliation against the offender, otherwise we pick up the stain and then begin to transmit that stain to others. We must immediately repent of allowing the transference of that resentment into our own hearts. When David had the opportunity for revenge, he showed mercy but he never relinquished the assignment.

We must never shy away from where God is directing us. David did not rejoice over the destruction of his predecessor. Instead he mourned over Saul’s death, but he boldly took the place God has assigned to him.
And , if our assignment from God stirs up resentment from others, we cannot allow this to deter the calling. Our assignments are for the benefits of others and not just ourselves and many are needing for us to walk in those assignments. Many are crying out for the deliverance that possibly you have been assigned to deliver. Don’t let someone else’s sin cause you to stop or stumble in your journey.

We cannot allow our own resentment to block the working of God in our lives. We must allow Holy Spirit to continuously examine our hearts as we fulfill the calling He has assigned. And He will reveal to heal ever situation.

If you have been the victim of another’s sin, stop the defilement and remove the stain from your generation to come. We see in mental health counseling that many begin as victims of another’s resentment, anger and mistreatment only to allow that same attitude to fill their hearts and they too pass it on through their own actions to others. They become stained and they stain others. It must stop.

How many assignments were aborted because of someone’s resentment? It’s time to stop the defilement and answer the call! Others are watching!

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