Pentecost and Holy Spirit (from Morning Thought May 29, 2023

We just passed through Pentecost Sunday 2023. This day represented the observance of the day the Holy Spirit was released to the church and, as some say, the birth of the church. Jesus told His disciples they would receive power (dunamis) when the Holy Spirit came upon them, and it was for a reason. The reason was to empower them with supernatural influence to be His witness. (See Acts 1:8)

So Holy Spirit came and, in many cases, went. Power to be the witness for Jesus means we have power and influence to look like Him and represent Him everywhere we go. We imitate Christ, and we accomplish His will as His representatives on the earth.

How much Holy Spirit do we need to walk, act, and represent Jesus? How much Holy Spirit do we need to stop lying, fornicating, stealing, and slandering others? How much Holy Spirit do we need to dress modestly and care about what we see and hear? How much Holy Spirit do we need to say no to the evil influences of our immoral culture that insists God made a mistake at creation?

How much? Paul tells us to “be filled with the Holy Spirit” (See Eph. 5:18). He also told us to be imitators of God. (See Eph 5:1) Holy Spirit is more than speaking in tongues and goose bumps. If Holy Spirit leads us into all truths, then why are we at such odds that churches split over the homosexual agenda and abortion? Who has the truth? Who has Holy Spirit?

We have misrepresented Holy Spirit by proclaiming that He is such a “gentleman” that He would never want to make us uncomfortable. This “gentleman” is the one who hovered over the waters at creation waiting for the Word! This “gentleman” is the one who split the Red Sea and drowned an entire Egyptian army. This “gentleman” is the one who buried the rock from David’s sling into the head of the giant. This “gentleman” is the one who came down from heaven and consumed Elijah’s sacrifice in front of 400 prophets of Baal. This “gentleman” is the one who took out Sapphira and Ananias for lying to Him. And this “gentleman” is the one who raised Jesus from the dead and lives in us. So how much is enough?

So why don’t we have enough Holy Spirit? It’s because we do not love Jesus enough. (See John 14:15-21). Our nation and many churches have compromised truth because of self love. We do not want to deny ourselves and follow truth. We fear people and crave the dollar bill. So we compromise.

We have rights we say. The only right we have is to serve God, but even then He lets us choose. He has set before us life and death and it’s our choice. (See Deut 30:19).
Choose life! Choose truth! Be filled with Holy Spirit. Be a witness for Jesus!

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