Are You A Part Of The Remnant?

Morning Thought January 24, 2021.

As we focus so much on what is taking place in our nation, let’s not forget that “we wrestle NOT against flesh and blood, but powers, principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places”. Yes, these evil forces use human beings, but when we lower our attention and focus to the “ambassadors of evil” , we are allowing the powers and principalities to move around at will. Taking out a man or even a political party does not take out the spirit or forces driving that man or party. It’s like removing the symptoms but not the cause of the “dis-ease” in our nation. We are not caught unaware and we must know the tactics of the enemy. We do not compromise nor do we war aimlessly. Warfare is many faceted and neither do we ignore the “battles” along the way. But we must know our real target.

Satan wars against the “remnant” of God (Rev 12:17) and the remnant are those who obey (vt: present, active) the commands of the Lord and have the testimony of Jesus (which is the spirit of prophecy Rev. 19:10). So the remnant are those who are hearing the NOW commands of God and obeying. We cannot use old strategies that were used successfully in the last season of warfare. Every minute, we must be hearing the NOW orders of our “Commander in Chief”.

Are you a part of the remnant?

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