Spirit of Baal in DC

Evening thought. January 21, 2021

I’ve been pondering all day what I felt l
heard early this morning. I heard “yesterday (Wednesday Jan 20, 2021) this nation officially established a throne to Baal in Washington DC. This occurred through the inauguration ceremony that took place.”

Knowing only a little basic information on Baal, I researched what Baal worship looked like in the ancient Phoenician and Canaanite world. Basically it was a god-spirit that sought to control, dominate and take ownership of people or in general, to enslave people. Baal was looked upon as the provider of life for people and the people looked to Baal to provide their basic life needs. They believed they were completely dependent upon this spirit.

The chief characteristics of Baal worship were sexual perversion and depravity, human sacrifice, especially of children and general idolatry. Young children were sacrificed to placate the gods of Baal and were often buried at the foundation of buildings at the time of construction, after they were burned alive. Is this much different than the saline abortion technique that BURNS soft tissue, attacks tissue in the digestive track, causes seizures and hemorrhaging of the brain and other organs?

I thought about the agenda of the current administration of abortion, the promotion of homosexual-transgender policies and the control of information released through the media. I thought of the social policies of providing for the people by handing out free money, education, medical care etc. as a trade off to control the lives of people and make them dependent upon the government. This is especially seen as illegal immigrants are allowed in the country and then given all of life’s necessities. This certainly insures a strong voting base to continue the evil policies of the platform.

We are living in a nation where gender distinctions are being removed. An order was signed today letting transgender women (mutated males) compete in traditional female sports.

This administration has openly stated that abortion laws will become broader, allowing the torture of children almost to the point of birth.

While the messages from the opposing right are restricted, Twitter today refused to remove child porn which showed a 13 year old victim of Sex trafficking in a sexual act, stating it was not a violation of their policies. (1-21-21 New York Post). Perversion is rampant and being applauded in our nation.

So the similarity is glaringly apparent. What have we become? We trade our children for convenience. We redefine marriage in unbiblical language. And we remove the dignity of individual productivity to create a people dependent upon the government.

Jesus asked “what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” (Mark 8:37). Has our nation traded its soul for immorality, perversion, greed, convenience…? Has the spirit of Baal put its tentacles deep within the soil of our nation? I believe we must at least ask ourselves this question.

The Ekklesia…the remnant church must arise!

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  1. Dear Dona Thank you for this prophetic message. This is wickedness in high places. I think we need to pray for America, the Eagle nation that once proclaimed “In God we Trust”. The nation is slowly and steadily saying, “In Baal we Trust!” We need to pray for America. The question now is:”where is the Church as a prophetic?” Most churches are Silent! Where is the courage of the church in America? Oh Church Arise!Arise! Arise!Arise! The supporters of Baal worship seems to be more united, well organised, well funded, more bold and courageous, more informed, more persistent and resilient than the true worshippers of God. God have mercy. I think the problem of the Church is threefold: 1. Leadership 2. Leadership 3. Leadership!! We need the Elija’s to arise. Jezebel with her gods; Baal and Asher’s have taken over America. “ The Eagle nation is turning into a chicken nation.” When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do? I have a big burden for USA and the fire of the Lord is consuming me in my heart. We shall continue praying and when COVID-19 is flattened I will come. Standing with you the remnants,

    On Eagle’s wings for Christ to the Nations of the world, Rev Dr Medad Birungi Zinomuhangi Founder & President World Shine Ministries +256752501691/776808037. http://www.worldshineministries.org


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