God, Our Inheritance

Morning Thought: God, Our Inheritance

I was mesmerized by this Scripture this morning: “Psalm 16:5 (NLT): Lord, you alone are my inheritance, my cup of blessing. .”

David was saying he had chosen God to be his inheritance. This choice seems so different than the way most think today, as we generally look outward for our inheritance of material possessions, while David’s inheritance was found within his heart. It was an inheritance of self abandonment and his only option is to please God. His heart would be filled with his thoughts and passion for God and all else would be eliminated. It is a heart of complete renunciation of all else that is found as inferior to the passion of his soul for his God.

This is the priestly inheritance that the Lord told the Levites was theirs. He was enough for them (See Numbers 18:20).

It is the Matthew 6:33 directive to seek first His Kingdom and all that is necessary will follow. It is having eyes for no other than the lover of our soul.

Could this be our life’s slogan that God is our inheritance and in obtaining this inheritance our life’s cup runs full. The NLT translation goes on to say that God is David’s “cup of blessing and God guards all that is his”. God guards his life, his family, his earthly possessions because David has first chosen to “guard” God in his heart. (See Prov. 4:23) Could we ask for more?

Is this not the ultimate goal as we are told by Jesus the greatest commandment is to love God with all of our heart, soul and mind? (See Mt 22:37-38) Does it matter what others think or say because they do not understand that we are guarding our love for God by being faithful to His call in our life or by living and operating on His standards? Is this why David could say in the face of Goliath that there was a cause greater than fear of life? (See 1Samuel 17)

Choosing God as our inheritance will bother others as they see that the inward motivation and cause to honor God is greater than the outward, material possessions that result in life’s pride of accomplishment. Having God as our inheritance causes us to take on giants for the sake of God’s honor of doing the right thing because it is our God assignment.

Just as David was innocently thrown into a battle with the giant, we may find ourselves thrust into a battle for the sake of God’s honor. There are “uncircumcised Philistines”
today who are defying the name of the living God, just as in David’s day. Many claim to do it for righteous causes, but their chosen inheritance is not God, but their own selfish motivations, or personal inheritance.

David chose 5 smooth stones to take down the giant. The word “chose” in Hebrew means to make decisions with eternal consequences. (TWOT) What guided David’s stone into the forehead of the giant?
Psalm 16:7 says “I will bless the Lord who guides me”. David’s passion for God and His honor of God’s name, guided the carefully chosen stone to take down the giant.

Who is our chosen inheritance? Is it God or is it ourselves? Isn’t God Enough?

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