Can God Trust Us With His Prodigals?

A couple of years ago, just after the Pandemic began, the Lord dropped an image into my spirit of the Lazaruses He would be ‘calling out of the grave.’   I saw Him calling out many of those others would consider beyond hope.   I saw the street people, the alcoholics and drug addicts, those wrapped up in sexual perversion. Many were dirty and disheveled. I saw those steeped in a dead doctrine of religion from their youth.   And, I heard Him say “unwrap them,” as He did to the onlookers when He called Lazarus out of the tomb in John 11.     I also saw the response of many, much like that of Martha when Jesus said, “Roll the stone aside, (John 11:39)   But Martha, the dead man’s sister, protested, “Lord, he has been dead for four days. The smell will be terrible.”

The Resurrection and the Life was calling forth one who was dead, and there was opposition, even from family members of the dead one.   Lord he will stink, was Martha’s reply.  But who would the odor affect?  It was certainly not Lazarus, but all those around and those called to “unwrap him”. 

The call is the same today.  Jesus is calling out many who are dead spiritually.   Many have been in the tomb for some time, wrapped in the grave clothes of death.  But Jesus is calling them out of the grave and He is telling us to unwrap them.  

Do we dare get close, after all we may be uncomfortable with their odor.   We may be embarrassed for others to know they belong to us.   Let’s not offend anyone, and leave them wrapped up in their grave clothes or worse, in the tomb.  Maybe we excitedly accept the orders to unwrap, but we rewrap these with grave clothes of lifeless religion, making demands and releasing rules that make them prefer their old tomb of death.

Can God trust us with those He is calling out.   In December 2022, the Lord told me the Glory that He would soon be releasing would draw the prodigals like a magnet.  What have we seen in the past couple of weeks?   The Asbury outpouring of His Presence is drawing people from around the world.   God’s Presence, by default will bless and draw those who are His.   Even those who are still in their grave clothes.    Are we ready to unwrap?   Can God trust us with His prodigals?

What can we do?   We must prepare our hearts for HIs Glory.   We must empty ourselves of all pride, self-glory, stifling religious mindsets and be ready for those He sends our way.   They will be young, and they will be older.   They will be homeless, and they will be wealthy.   They may be in our own homes or our workplaces or they may be complete strangers.  God is drawing and God is requiring us to be ready.    Can He trust us with HIs prodigals?

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