Understanding The Time

Morning Thought: We Can Not Miss This Time of His Visitation

As I was reading in Mt 26 this morning, the story of the woman who poured the perfume on Jesus’ head was part of my reading. The Scripture says “the disciples were indignant” that this expensive perfume was wasted and not sold, and the money given to the poor. Jesus’ reply was “you will always have the poor with you, but you will not always have me”.

The disciples were ignorant of the significance of the act of the woman pouring the oil on Jesus’ head. Jesus said it was in preparation for HIs burial, yet the disciples only saw the present moment in time and could not see ahead to what was really happening. It was such an important event that Jesus said that very deed would be preached and remembered throughout the earth.

During our Sunday Gatherings, do we get so concerned with the religious activities of the day that we miss the significance of stopping and pouring the oil of worship, praise and thanksgiving on the head of our Savior? We sing our playlist, and we go through our weekly schedule, all the while unaware that we are first and foremost to be hosting the King of Kings. Are we so concerned about those around us that we miss the most important of all events, and that is the Presence of our Lord and God and what He wants to do?

We are in a very important and serious day, and it is critical that we not miss the visitation of our Savior in all that we do. It can no longer just be a religious routine on Sunday morning where a handful of “performers” entertain a crowd of “spectators”. Just as the disciples did not understand the significance of the perfume on Jesus’ head, do we understand the significance of every opportunity to come together as HIs Ekklesia. Do we understand the importance of not doing church but being the church. Do we understand that there is an evil culture overtaking our nation and only the true church, His Ekklesia, has the power to stop this evil?

The devil is not afraid of most church services. The devil is not threatened by superstar Christians and performers on Sunday morning who perform by the script. But he is threatened when a house of God becomes a house of prayer and believers learn how to decree the Word of God over a city and shift the atmosphere. The devil is concerned when discerning, Spirit filled believers are prayer walking cities and tearing down unrighteous altars and re-establishing the altars of God in their place. The devil is concerned when the Glory of God will pre-empt a song or sermon to accomplish HIs will in the life of someone who wandered in off the street.

We are in a most critical time and what we have been doing has not worked. The definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result. We must man up and admit it has not worked. We must realize that it is not about us, but about His Kingdom coming into the very city we live in.

We cannot miss this time of His visitation. We must see what the disciples could not see and that is the purpose of what God is doing in our midst. It is not about building a church or a worship team or a ministry. It is about “HIs Kingdom Come, His Will Be Done, On Earth as It Is in Heaven!” We are Ekklesia! We carry His Glory! (Col. 1:27)

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