Morning Thought:Offenses

Offense is the ugliest issue in the church. I believe this because it is not the Christian that is immoral or living in open violation of the Word of God that I see frequently offended, but those who are often the faithful and dedicated believers. The enemy knows he can’t get you any other way, so he brings opportunity for offense. He knows the buttons to push and even Jesus called him an evil genius (amplified Bible)

Years ago when I was often offended about one thing or another, the Lord spoke to me during one of my pity parties and asked me “what’s in you that is offendable?” Wow did this put a different perspective on my emotions. What is the other person (offender) triggering in me that God wants to heal?

From that day, I have had very different attitude toward offense in my life and when I get offended, I just say “thank you God that this person has revealed something in me that You want to heal”. God also spoke to me and told me He only reveals to heal and never condemn. Holy Spirit convicts…the devil condemns. This has helped prevent the ride on emotional roller coaster that offense can bring.

So let’s not nurture offenses. The results of offense:

1. Offense will rob the church of those God has placed on assignment and will rob people of their destinies in Him.

2. Offense will cause us to be critical of those we once proclaimed to love very deeply and valuable relationships are lost.

3. An offended spirit is drawn like a magnet to other offended spirits, and actually seeks out those who live in offense.

4. Offense can result in bitter and critical spirits that defile (Grk: stain) the person and those they come in contact with

5. Offense hinders the move of God

6. Offense can result in unforgiveness which is sin and sin affects our prayers being answered and our bodies being healed.

When we perceive an offense, why not ask ourselves what unhealthy thing has been triggered in us that needs to be healed. I find it is usually pride but it may be something buried from our painful past. I find It is amazing how quickly that offense will go! We give the devil the defeat when we allow offense to be used for the glory of God in our life!


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  1. Thank you Donna for sharing a clear, concise and personal word. I needed to hear this for myself, to set in motion more healing in my life.

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