What Don’t We Have That We Would Have Had, If We Would Have Prayed?

Evening thought:

When Haman was plotting to destroy the Jews, Esther called the Jews to fast and pray to expose and destroy the enemy’s plot. Haman died on his own gallows and the Jews were saved. I read once that during the Holocaust, when the people in the churches heard the trains carrying the Jews to the gas chamber, that they would just sing louder to drown out the cries of the Jews going to their death. What if the churches were praying and interceding . Could this inhumane slaughter have been prevented?

Just a thought. Same people. Same evil murderous spirit. Same God. But the church was sleeping and paralyzed by fear and apathy.

We have a generation already murdered by that same spirit and today it is over 60,000,000 innocent lives already destroyed. While the church was sleeping and apathetic, this spirit took residence in our government, churches and leaders. We keep singing louder and louder and can’t hear the cries of the innocent children being torn apart in the womb. What happens if we pray?

Join us at Impact Church Friday February 21 for a season of all night prayer.

We will be focusing and interceding for our churches, our nation and believers who need to be touched by God!

What won’t we have that we could have if we pray?

Pastor Donna


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