Will The Real Church Please Stand Up?

Many years ago, a popular TV game show program ran for almost 2 decades. It was called, “What’s My Line?” The panel of stars would try to discern the real person by asking each of the “imposter” contestants questions about that particular occupation. The contestants’ job was to trick the panel of stars by faking the role of the occupation with their responses. But the real contestant had to answer the questions honestly. The stars would make their guess and then the final, suspense filled question, would be asked, “Will the real (….drum roll) please stand up!”

We should be asking questions today that are answerable from Scripture about the church, His Church…the Mt 16:18-19 Ekklesia that Jesus told His disciples was coming. Have we done our homework? Do we even know what to ask in order to expose the imposter?

It’s time now for the final question, “Will the real church please stand up?” This week’s election results should have every “real church” on its face crying out for revelation.
Do we know how to ask the right questions? Are the “imposter churches” so adept at answering the questions that we can not discern they are not the true church?

In order for the stars of the game show to ask the right questions, there had to be a certain familiarity with the ocupation. Do we understand what the “real church” is to look like in order to ask the right questions?

In Mt. 16, Jesus took His disciples to Caesarea Philippi to a literal place called the Gates of Hell He did this to demonstrate to His disciples what His Church would be facing. This very popular place of occult worship was where people would bring their own children as a sacrifice to the god Pan, and participate in open debauchery. This was the backdrop for the question Jesus asked His disciples, “Who do people say that I am?” and the final question to Peter, “Who do you say that I am?” Then He said “the gates of hell would not prevail against His Church!”

Yet, with casual observation it may look as if this is not the case today. States rich with churches on every corner and crowd-drawing religious activity are being swept away by offering their children to the gods of self-indulgence. This is occurring at the voting booth. People, even “ church prople”, are demanding the right to snuff out a life that is deemed as a nuisance or just inconvenient. Do we know the right questions to ask?

Will the real Church, please stand up! Can we answer the hard questions? In the game show, the imposter contestants often fooled the audience. How? They “looked” enough like the real contestant to deceive the crowds watching. Will the real church please stand up? Are we asking the right questions?



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