Second Chance

Morning thought: Second Chance

Second Chance by Abraham Hunter

A recent post (6-24-22)by the New York Times quotes Guttmacher Institute as saying only 14% of women having abortions are married. This says 86% of the abortions are performed on unmarried or single women.

So the real problem is an immorality problem but unfortunately this attitude would be viewed as archaic in today’s culture. Of course people will have irresponsible and unbridled sex, after all they are “created” with these emotions. Oops there is that “created” word. (tic)

So the real problem in today’s culture and in the most technologically advanced nation in the world is personal irresponsibility, lack of accountability and over all self absorption.

How did we get to this place? We got here because the foundations of Godliness were destroyed. Slowly the sleeping church allowed the ship to turn until we were moving in a completely wrong direction. It was such a slow turn that we were not aware we were off course until we arrived shipwrecked on the wrong shores.

We are beyond turning the ship around. The damage is done and its pieces lie broken on the shores of a once great nation. The mindsets are in place and the many bells of self-importance, entitled self gratification and “don’t let it cost me” have been rung. Churches do not need to be patched up, but new foundations put into place and a return to the first century Ekklesia that turned cities upside down. (Acts 17:6). The man made “Christianity” of the western world has been weighed and found seriously lacking.

We cannot legislate Godliness anymore than we can legislate morality. There must be a heart change within man. But, we ask “can a nation be birthed in a day?” (Isa 66:8)

The answer is YES with God. Just as the ship has been turning, there has been a remnant arising that has heard the cry of God’s heart. This remnant has heard the voice of the aborted millions crying out from the soil of this once fertile and God fearing nation. There is a remnant in the earth that hears the voice of God crying out for a nation seemingly lost. And God is faithful and will not leave incomplete what He has started and promised. He will not leave those with ears to hear frustrated at His repeated calls to their hearts even though our nation may look like a valley of dry bones.

It seems as if a battle was won yesterday with the Supreme Court decision of over turning Roe vs Wade, but we must be careful that we do not win the battle and lose the war. This is a step in the right direction but we must keep our heart’s ear closer than ever to the lips of our commander. The Ekklesia will direct what happens in the upcoming months as Sons of God in the earth respond to His orders and steward His strategic plan to bring about His promised end. How? We shift through our prayers, decrees and obedience to God.

Can a nation be “re-birthed” in a day? With God all things are possible. Man’s plans cannot accomplish this, but the hand of God can. The Supreme Court’s decision was a start that will cause a simultaneous avalanche of victories and backlash.

Let us all seek to hear what the Spirit is saying today! God give us ears to hear!

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