While We Were Sleeping

The Narrow Road
Sometimes we do not realize how truly narrow the road is that Jesus mentions in Matthew 7:14 (NLT): “But the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult, and only a few ever find it.”
Over the past couple of weeks we’ve had the pleasure and blessing of hosting our 11 year old granddaughter from Alabama. So naturally we begin to explore things we can do with her.
First we look for Movies on TV that may be appropriate and we find most, that are supposed to be age appropriate, have been laced with witchcraft, new age or sexual innuendos. We were able to find a couple that were suitable
Then, she begins junior golf camp and has a blast. She is the only girl, but she is not intimidated by the 3 guys in her small group. They have obviously been playing for a while, but she keeps looking ahead and making progress. After her last day of camp, I ask her how the guys treated her as a girl and a Beginning golfer. She said “fine but they all ‘cussed’”. She said she said something to one of the guys about his language and he just smirked and walked away. I’m proud of this 11 year old with guts! But, I ask why my granddaughter had to be exposed to this type of language and attitude.
Yesterday, we were invited to go to Great Wolfe Lodge with a wonderful Christian family and what a great place for families to enjoy time together. However, we were surprised to see they offered beer on tap and had a full bar out by the pool. What a disappointment to see that this was felt to be necessary for a family fun place. Working with those who struggle with addiction, I saw this a little differently in that the children were exposed to alcohol in their entertainment venue and the example it sets for them. Is this really necessary and what is it telling them?
Not having small children at home any longer and being disinterested and disengaged from most of the entertainment of the world, I could only think of the narrow road that Jesus spoke of and the phrase that had passed into my thoughts several weeks ago…”while the church was sleeping…”
While the church was sleeping our movies became contaminated with witchcraft, new age and filth. We must search for something suitable for our children while their peers are screaming for the latest hits.
While the church was sleeping, family values eroded and kids learn to disrespect others with their language and gestures. TV programs promote disrespect for parents and others and even when the parents are trying to teach values, they are competing with the latest hits that are molding the minds and hearts of the children.
While the church was sleeping, family entertainment venues bowed to pressures of the world. Why must there be alcohol present? Do we have to get high to enjoy family times together? Of course the majority did not drink, but why was it necessary for alcohol to be out in the open as a backdrop for family fun?
I know some may think I am very narrow and I have to agree. Our children and grandchildren are precious eternal material that are being shaped for their life’s purpose and destiny to honor and glorify God in their chosen endeavors. Who and what is molding our children? Social media?? Hollywood?? The internet??
While we were sleeping the enemy sowed “tares” among the “wheat” and until the end of the age, we must continue to dwell in the midst of them. (Mt. 13:24-30). The Passion Translation says the enemy planted “poisonous” weeds. Our land, our families and our churches have been infected with poisonous weeds, and we continue to sleep.
We must wake up! We must pray! We must stand for God’s Truth!
Do We Care??

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