Living Well Inner Healing Conference–August 26-27

We have had so many incredible testimonies of how God has touched and changed lives during our past inner healing conferences.  However, the one recommendation we consistently have is “we need more time!”.  So, we’ve have decided to make a few changes to accomodate the needs of those attending.

We are breaking the inner healing conferences up into modules and will be offering monthly seminars with emphasis in particular areas.   Our upcoming Conference will focus on Rejection and Trauma, two very key areas in soul dis-ease.

The tentative schedule is:

Friday Aug 26th 7-9 PM: 

  • The Heart of Father God—David Bowles; Donna Wise

Saturday August 27th 9AM – 3 PM

  • Life Essentials for Total Health —Terry Wise; Dr. Joe Wadlinger
  • Released From Rejection —Dr. Shirley Bowles
  • Understanding the Danger of Unhealed Trauma—Donna Wise
  • Recognizing the Fruit of Rejection and Trauma —Living Well Team

Registration is free but required.  Please go to to register.    We will be limiting our group to 12 registrants.

A donation will be accepted for cost of supplies and lunch.

Some have asked if we are like certain other inner healing ministries.   There are similar bits and pieces in most inner healing ministries, however, we do differ in some ways.    Our focus is on understanding Father God’s love for each person and recovering the identity He has assigned to us that was lost due to sin and/or abuse.   Once our true identity is understood and embraced, other issues such as unhealthy emotions and dysfunctional behavior will be brought into submission to His Word and Will resulting in a healthy life situation.    We do not incorporate some of the theophostic approaches to healing but rather rely upon the Word of God and Holy Spirit to bring the necessary healing.

We are so looking forward to our next time together and know God will continue to break people free from the bonds of the past!

Living Well Inner Healing Seminar April 29th & 30th

We live our lives “inside out” and many people live lives filled with cycles of anger, frustration, sickness, poverty, fear and addictive life patterns. God created us to be free and to live our life in a way that brings glory to Him and freedom to us.

In Living Well…Living Free, you will learn sound and balanced Biblical principles for living the life God intends for you to live.

Principles such as:

  • Breaking the Chains of Unforgiveness
  • Letting Go of the Past and Pressing Forward
  • As a Man Thinks So Is He…The Power of Our Thoughts
  • Those Not So Silent Messengers….Our Emotions
  • Dysfunction or Sin?


Tools Used:

  • Prayer and the Ministry of God’s Word
  • Personal Coaches for everyone who attends
  • MBTI Temperament Assessment for each attendee
  • Multi-Media to enhance learning

Learn more by visiting us on our website at

“Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.John 8:36

What and Who Is The Church?


Last fall, I asked our church to join me in a 40 day fast and one of the questions I was asking during this time was “What is the church supposed to look like?”

As time went along, it seemed the Lord brought a lot of “interesting” reading materials my way which would be very controversial to most in the church world. I think we would all admit that the church does not look like the early church immediately following the resurrection of Jesus. Everyone has an opinion of how church should look and these opinions range from a completely organic church where there is no single leader to a very organized church where the pastor is the strong ruling head. But this only gives us a picture of how the church operates and not really who the church is.

Church history reveals the radical change that came to the church in the early 4th century as Roman Emperor Constantine established Christianity as the state religion and Christians were no longer persecuted for their faith. Constantine moved the
church into elegant and stately buildings designed much like the buildings we see today with the elevated stage for the dignitaries and seating below for the people. He established “clergy” vs “laity” and gave special privileges to those who were appointed as clergy. From this era came the concept of the “holy “building and the “holy man” and the body of believers shifted into the “spectator” mode since only clergy were capable of interpreting the Bible and performing “religious” services. Christianity became very popular and people joined the church for the benefits rather than through faith in Christ. The church became more about the building than it did the people of the building. Pagan shrines filled the church buildings and being born again was no longer a pre-requisite to become a part of the church. So, the church became more of a social or political influence than being the presence of Christ in the earth. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Fast forwarding to today, we see the church has moved through the ages with Reformations and Revivals trying to capture the heart and Presence of God. So, did I get my answer during the 40 days of prayer and fasting? Yes. I heard very clearly from the Lord what His church is supposed to look like. He said “it’s supposed to look like me.” What a novel thought that the church of Christ should bear His resemblance. It’s not what we do, but who we are that is important. Then who we are will determine what we do. We get the cart before the horse and try to create who we are out of our doing or works. Doing church does not necessarily mean we are the church as has been evidenced for centuries. So what is the church supposed to be?

The church is to be an influence in this world that will bring glory to God and change into the lives of those it touches. The church is not an end in itself, but a means to an end and that end is to bring glory to God in the earth. 1 Peter 2:9 says “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” We bring glory to God the same way Jesus brought glory to God and that is by doing the will of God in the earth (John 17:4). We are first before we do.

How do we look like Jesus? We become like Him as we sit at His feet and allow Holy Spirit to change us from glory to glory, ever becoming more and more like His Person (2 Cor. 3:18). We become like Him as we allow Holy Spirit to address the areas of our unlikeness and bring those areas into conformity to Him. I love Dr. Robert Mulholland’s description of spiritual formation as “the process of being transformed into the image of Christ for the sake of others.” Becoming like Him is a lifelong process of transformation and can only be completed as we are in community with each other.

The church is not a movement, but a living organism in the earth and the church is to re-present God to the world. The church is to embody the Presence and Person of Christ and to do the same works Jesus did (John 14:12), that is to bring glory to God and light into a dark world. We spend so much time doing church that we fail to be the church. Cities and nations need to see the church arise as one body and one voice under the headship of Jesus Christ and become a people who will allow the Spirit of God to work through them. This unity will be what sustains future revivals and reformations and we will begin to turn cities upside down for Him (Acts 17:6).

So who and what is the church? The church is the representation of Christ in the earth and we are to be doing the same works He did. Jesus said in Matthew 5 that we are the salt and light of this world. We are empowered by the same Holy Spirit Jesus was empowered with and it is Holy Spirit that enables us to be who we need to be so we can do what we need to do (Acts 1:8). It is such a joy to be a part of the family of God in this day we are in. There is much work to be done as we progress into the image of our Lord and Savior. Will we stumble? Of course, but that is why Holy Spirit is so important. He will lift us up and brush us off and continue the work in us that He began until the day we see Jesus face to face (Phil. 1:6). We serve a merciful and gracious God!





Stand By Me

Got this today from Apostle Naomi Dowdy.  It will warm your heart.    It is a musical collage of street singers from around the world.  How beautiful when we all are in harmony together.

Be blessed and remember to Stand By Him! and you will be victorious!

Rosh Hashanah and Remembering the Shofar Experience

I was reading just now about the “head of the year” coming up and the customary blowing of the shofar, when I thought about an experience that happened in November 2005.   We had just returned from an incredible conference where we met Peter Wagner, Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets for the first time.  After listening to their ministry and wondering where they had been all our lives, we were filled to the brim with the impartation of the Holy Spirit these men carried.    We loaded up with new music, banners, and of all things a shofar that no one really knew how to blow.  Nevertheless we were filled to running over with the Holy Spirit and this new found move of God.

We came to our normal Saturday night prayer and we were waving our banners, playing the great apostolic warfare music we had discovered and blowing the shofar (Brett, our trumpet player was pretty good at this).  We even felt directed of the Lord to march around the outside of the church with our banners and shofar, proclaiming the church for the Lord and declaring the region belonging to Him.   At the end of our prayer time, we had all agreed to meet over at the Cracker Barrel to continue the incredible experience of our prayer time.  As Terry and I and a couple others were leaving, we heard 3 loud blasts that were distinctively the shofar sound come from the top of the adjacent parking deck.    We jokingly said we would have to get “Brett the trumpet player” out of jail for disturbing the peace.    When we arrived at the restaurant, we asked him about blowing the shofar so loudly in the parking deck at that hour.   Brett said, “I didn’t blow it, it’s on top of my trumpet case in the sanctuary.”   We really did not give it a thought until we got home and it’s like our understanding was opened and we simulataneoulsy realized that the sound we hear was a shofar and that an angel of the Lord had blown the shofar those 3 times.  

The next morning, we raced into church to ask those present the night before “did you really hear the shofar blow” and 5 people confirmed they heard 3 very clear distinct shofar sounds.   We were rejoicing not really understanding the full meaning of what we had experienced.     

About 6 months later while at Glory of Zion, we picked up a teaching by Chuck Pierce on what the sounds actually mean and he says 3 blasts from the shofar means “that which has hindered the move of God has now been broken”.    Praise God that He was doing a new thing in our midst that day and we must hold on to that supernatural promise of God until we see the full manifestation of what He desires to do.

We must hold closely to our hearts the prophetic words and promises of God because God is faithful to His Word.  As we enter the new year on the Jewish Calendar, what a great time to hold fast to the promises of the past that are yet to be fully completed in our life.    What a great time to look intently forward into the future holding the wealth of promises we have already received.   

Rosh Hashanah is a time of remembering.  It is a time we can all remember the great things the Lord has done for us and how He has brought us through so much.

It is also a time of soul searching as we open our hearts to God in repentance for our past sins. 

And, it is a time of celebration and the blowing of the shofar as we celebrate the goodness of God and proclaiming a time of separation unto Him.  

What a great time, whether Jew or non-Jew.   Let’s remember those precious times with Him and hold fast in our hearts His Word and His Promises.

Living Life on Purpose

I am so enjoying the series “Living Life on Purpose”.    We must be intentional in life if we are to gain all that God has planned for us.    How many people allow their life to run them instead of their running or managing their own life?  

We must be intentional in our speaking, thinking, time management, prosperity, peace and overall degree of excellence if we want the most out of life.  We must be intentional in our relationships with others and most importantly, our relationship with God.

Jehovah God did and still does everything with purpose. (Gen 1; Heb. 1:3; Eccl. 3:1; Jer. 29:11)  Since we were created with purpose, design and destiny, each day of our life should be filled with purpose and design.   How well are we doing?   Are we intentional in all that we do or do we just haphazardly let our day run us.   Do we plan our day?  Do we allocate time for the priorities of life?   If not, we will wake up one day and realize time has passed us by and we have not accomplished all that we could have accomplished.

I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand. Henceforth will I apply ALL my efforts to become the highest mountain of all and I will strain my potential until it cries for mercy.”  Og Mandino

God bless you!

Awesome Healing Testimony

My brother was told last week he had holes in his eardrums and was losing his hearing. At the end of the Sunday morning service at Impact, he came up for prayer  and the Lord healed him. He can now hear clearly what was previously a garbled sound.   This is the 4th time he has been healed since coming to Impact.  I told him I believe he has a healing gift and asked him to pray for some of the other people who needed healing.   Several came forward and were healed immediately of headaches, leg pain issues, ear problems, etc.    What a great God we serve.