An Unshakable Kingdom

As I awoke, I saw the image of stackable sieves we used in the lab to determine purity with powdered materials. Each sieve from the top down was a successively smaller denier than the previous one before it. Each sieve would be “weighed “or as we called it in lab terms, “tared”, prior to adding the dry material. The sieves would then be placed on a “shaker” and a timer turned on and the dried material would be shaken for a designated time. As the powder was shaken, it would pass through the series of sieves. The coarser materials would come out immediately in the top sieve. As the powder fell through the successive sieves, the “contaminates” were removed until the final sieve contained the smallest particles of contamination. The powder that passed through into the bottom pan was weighed and the purity was determined by the amount that passes through the last sieve

In March of 2020 I heard that we are in a “Joseph Season”

I knew this meant a time of preparation for what was coming. A couple of months ago, I told the church that I felt some very difficult times are coming soon and reminded them of the “Joseph Season” word I heard. I also heard in March 2020, that we, His church, are “Goshen” people. And a final thing in this 2020 trilogy of prophetic words was that we must have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying.

Last night while here in Houston, I heard Chuck Pierce warn that the next two years will be very difficult years and we must get prepared.

Back to the sieves, it is clear to those who have ears to hear, that God is shaking what can be shaken. I believe we are in a “successive series” time of shaking, where all that can be shaken and removed will be removed. The shaking will become more and more intense, as even the smallest particles of contamination will be removed until only the unshakable Kingdom of God remains.

We have been encouraging our church to prepare personal altars of worship in their homes to hear what God is saying. We are in a time like no other and we must be prepared. But, we are also land of Goshen people. We are in covenant with God and there is no room for fear. I believe that as we prepare as God directs, like Joseph, the preparation is for a people who will be caught in the midst of the times and have not heard what God has been saying.

Joseph’s preparation saved the nation of Israel from famine. There is a generation of people today that God has marked worthy to be saved in the midst of this spiritual famine that we are in. Spiritual famines always manifest with natural results and those with ears to hear, have been privileged to be touched by God to assist in this season. God is so filled with mercy, that He will call others to help those who are not in the place they should be with Him, but yet are marked by Him as His people. Just as Israel was called out of famine and Into Goshen, God’s great grace is calling to those who will hear and obey.

The nation of Israel (Jacob) had to leave behind his homeland (familiarity) and go to an assigned place for a season of time. God is disrupting the old familiar seasons of life and requiring a new season for each of us. The contaminates that held us in the old place will be shaken out of our lives until only that which is pure and looks like Christ will remain.

I say “Lord shake me” until all is removed and until only what you can use remains.

Heb. 12:28-29. Therefore, let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe, for our God is a consuming fire.

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