Training Your Ears to Hear Day 30


While in prayer last night, I heard “train your ears to hear?”. This intrigued me as I researched how we train our ears and found it is a common musical technique that is used to train ears to hear certain pitches. One reference said this is done by listening to the pitch over and over and then naming the pitch each time it is heard.

The parallel is clear with training our ear to hear the voice of God. We listen over and over again as we are in His Word and as we are in our times of intimate prayer and seeking Him. We listen and we “name” it.

As I asked the Lord how we “name” what we hear and as I searched the Scriptures, I see that we name what we hear by our obedience. When we name something, we are taking ownership and responsibility for it. When we name our children, we declare they are ours and we assume lifelong responsibility for them. When we hear the voice of the Lord and we grab firm hold of the Word we have heard, there is a responsibility to respond. We respond with either obedience or disobedience.

The church today, the Ekklesia, is a people of revelation. We move by revelation. We act by revelation. We decide by revelation. When we receive revelation from God, we by default will always make a decision to respond in obedience or disobedience. That disobedience may simply be doing nothing with what we have heard.

I had thought that I was proficient at hearing the voice of the Lord, but there was a sense of urgency in what I heard last night. I believe we must learn to hear at a higher level than we have grown accustomed to hearing. I believe the “noise” of the world’s culture will get louder and louder and we must clearly tune our ears to a higher frequency than we have been accustomed to hearing.

The church in many cases, has become “tone-deaf” and cannot hear clearly and accurately all that God is and has been saying. Just as in music, a tone-deaf person cannot fully experience the fullness of what is available. One researcher says, “tone-deaf persons can hear music normally, but due to a lack of connectivity in the neuronal pathways, it is not communicated to the higher brain centers”. Is God speaking, yet we are not connecting what we are hearing to the higher purposes and call in our life? I believe God is calling us to connect at a higher level with Him and hear what He is saying.

What are you hearing? We must train our ears to filter out the other voices (noises) of life and recognize and obey only the voice of the Lord. We are beyond just hearing for personal benefit or pleasure or even spiritual experience. We are so beyond this level of hearing. We need to hear for our very life and the life of our nation, family and kingdom purposes in life. There is a voice of truth that is being poured out to us. We must train our ears to hear that Voice!

Proverbs 8:1 Listen as Wisdom calls out! Hear as understanding raises her voice! (NLT)

Why do we need to hear His Words?

Proverbs 8:6 The meaning of my words will release within you revelation for you to reign in life. (TPT)


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