Day 31 of 31 Days of Prayer and Fasting

Today we wrap up our 31 Days of Prayer and Fasting at Impact. There is no doubt we are a different church than when we began on March 1st.

I’ve not shared publicly much of what has taken place because I refuse to merchandise His presence. We continue to make room for Him as we declare Him King of Kings in all we do.

I am so thankful to serve our King along side of some of the greatest God seekers I know. As the remainder of 2022 unfolds, we must continue standing strong in the face of a twisted and perverse culture. We must continue ” Following the Ark” of His power and Presence. And we must know we, Ekklesia, are called for such a time as this. God is opening the ears of many. What an exciting day we are in

There is much to do! There are many that need to hear. If we don’t, the enemy will continue to overtake the weak and the innocent. We must be engaged for the sake of others.

We Can Take This!

All things are possible with our God!

It’s a great Day to serve our King Jesus!

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