A Memory posted from July 8, 2019…certainly more appropriate today in all we have been through since 2019

I awoke this morning pondering the dream I had Sunday morning. I was in my car (vehicles in dreams represent ministry or service to God) and had arrived at a destination that, on reflection, seems insignificant other than it would be a turning point. As i planned to return home, I realized that I didn’t know how to get back so I plugged “Home” into my navigation app on my car radio screen. Up pops a map and on the map screen is clearly two routes and words appear that say something like “make a choice”. One route is clearly an interstate highway and the other a more narrow, difficult and winding road. I said to myself “I don’t really want to get on the interstate and proceed to take the more narrow path. The dream was over.

I’ve thought about this dream a lot since Sunday morning and awakening with it on my mind today makes me dig a little deeper into it’s meaning.

I believe God is saying that we are at a turning point and a choice must be made that will determine how we arrive at our final destiny. I believe this is a message for His church and that the church is at a turning point and a critical decision must be made. Do we continue as usual or do we take the narrow way?

In my dream, the map clearly showed that either route would get me home, but there was something very significant about the choice. One would be filled with many people, busy and fast paced and require fewer stops. It would be an easier path and would obviously be the route most would chose.

The other would be quieter and less traveled, a route that most would not choose and the return trip obviously a little longer. This road may even be more difficult to navigate.

I believe God is calling us to choose a different path than we are on. I believe He is asking us to take the narrow path that Jesus spoke of that leads to life. It is this path that is more difficult and it is only on this path that critical life shaping experiences with Him can be found.

This is the path of transformation into His image where the flesh will be exposed and hard decisions required. It will be a road of cautious travel where twists and turns may slow us down or even cause a temporary stop along the way.

My question to myself has been, “if both routes get us there, what difference does it make?” The answer is found in an old golf cliche, “ it’s not how you drive but how you arrive that counts”. We are called to be transformed into His image and this cannot happen on a road with no twists and turns. It is in these moments of trial and struggle that change comes. On the narrow road we are forced to slow down and deal with each life shaping event, negotiating the path and anticipating the next turn. To ignore these opportunities is very costly and we can “wreck” our lives. It is our choice. Which path?

The church is supposed to look like Him but do we? As individuals we must make the critical decision of the path we choose to travel. As leaders of churches, we must make the same decision. Would God be happy if we arrived the way we are today? It’s how we arrive that really counts.

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