Are You Pregnant?

Morning “Lockdown” Thought…

Someone jokingly asked yesterday “are you pregnant” and I shouted yes. Pregnant with anticipation of all that God is bringing forth during this time of “lockdown”. Feeling the move inside of the new life and the joy of wondering what it will look like when it comes forth, I realized how long this pregnancy has been and believe the waiting is about to be over.

As any woman knows, once pregnant you
are never the same again. There is no experience like that of giving birth. Every pain, discomfort, concern is discounted once the “baby” is seen for the first time. You immediately understand the miracle of it all and the importance of carefully nurturing what God has so graciously allowed.

What are you conceiving during this time of temporary restriction in life? What is God showing you about yourself, your family, your ministry, your life….? I think about the “lockdowns” that occurred in Scripture. Moses was on lockdown for 40 years in the desert while God was developing a great deliverer of a nation. Joseph was on lockdown for 13 years in prison while God was developing someone who would save a nation during famine. Esther was on lockdown for one year while God was developing a queen for one moment in time to save a nation. Even Jesus was on lockdown for 30 years while God was developing a Savior to come to the world at the appointed time .

There are prophets, apostles, leaders, teachers, evangelists, marketplace, pastors, deliverers, counselors, judges and much more being developed right now, if we submit to the process.

I believe many will come out of this time different than they were 6 weeks ago. I believe many are experiencing new conceptions while others are going through the final stages to bring forth what was promised weeks, months or even years before.

Let’s not abort the baby by returning back to life as before. We may not have “planned” the pregnancy but we are here and God is trying to get our attention. We can never be the same again.

Just imagine what your new one will look like and accomplish and how it will change the world around it, revealing the glory of its Father in the earth.

Are you pregnant?

Pastor Donna

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