Little Things

Morning thought
Dallas Willard said something simple yet profound. When asked how one can live a victorious life in Christ, he responded “just do the next right thing”. In other words, when opportunities present themselves respond in a right way.
Are we so consumed with waiting on “our ministry” that we miss multitudes of everyday opportunities to bring glory to God??Opportunities to speak the word of encouragement, give secretly, pray a simple prayer for someone hurting who may never know we prayed….
We may forget that for the believer, every minute is a ministry opportunity; every encounter a divine set up to plant or water where God is working. Or, it may simply be an opportunity to privately minister to the Lord with a heart of praise for all He has done for us.
I believe what Dallas Willard was speaking of was obedience in every moment and in every opportunity. Obedience to the will of God in that moment. Obedience to love God first and others as we love ourselves. Obedience to give without expecting anything in return. Obedience to love when you know your heart may get broken in the process, yet realizing it’s worth the risk.
While we are waiting on “our ministry” are we forgetting the importance of simply doing the next right thing? I tell people who are waiting on “their ministry” to be faithful where God has placed you until God opens a very clear and obvious door for more. Over the years, I have heard many say “God said to come here to this town or this church or to this job” only to suddenly feel God no longer wants them there when their “ministry” doesn’t develop as they felt it should”. They forget that ministry opportunities occurs at every turn, but they may not look like we have envisioned. These opportunities may not be on a stage or behind a microphone.
Are we looking for a platform or are we looking to glorify God? Those who do not handle the small things faithfully are not graced with the larger more important matters of the Kingdom
Can we just do the next right thing without discounting it as too small or too unimportant? I have found that every kingdom opportunity from God always involves another person who needs the love of God and He may be the only one Who sees!
Pastor Donna

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