10 Lessons I’ve Learned as Senior Pastor

Just thinking of 10 lessons I’ve learned over the past 14 years as Senior pastor. Some are almost humorous now. Some are priceless lessons that new pastors can glean from…
1. When someone comes to you and on the initial introduction tells you “I’m a Prophet (or any other important role) they usually aren’t or they are only looking for a platform to operate from. I’ve learned a man’s gifts will become obvious in time if exercised humbly.
2. When someone comes to your church and tells you all the bad things about their “previous” pastors, they are going to talk about you when they leave. And they will leave. This is especially true of staff
3. When someone comes and is bouncing off of the walls with enthusiasm, they usually bounce out of the door in a short time.
4. Pay attention to new people and those they are drawn to. Spirits will attract like spirits, good and bad.
5. Beware when someone tells you God told them to come and help you run the church. If He didn’t tell you first, He didn’t tell them.
6. If you suspect something is off, it usually is. Pray and God always reveals the truth.
7. You don’t need for everyone to like you. As Dutch Sheets said “you’ve got to know who is in the foxhole with you”. Or, as The Godfather said “keep your friends close and your enemies closer 🤓”
8. “You can’t follow another man’s vision.”Wise words from Lester Robbins. Stay true to what God has called you to do and don’t get sidetracked by what others are doing.
9. Be careful who you allow in your pulpit. Another from Lester Robbins. “Someone can destroy in 30 minutes what you’ve spent 30 years building”
10. You can’t save everyone!
Pastor Donna

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