Project India—My Story

It is amazing how the Lord will orchestrate events in our lives. For several years, I have had prophecies spoken over me that said “you are called to the nations”, which I resisted vehemently. How many people hear this from well meaning “prophets”? But, I knew that I liked my comfort such as clean water, air conditioning, clean bath rooms, etc. too much to travel into third world nations for any period of time. However, something began to stir in my spirit last fall and I began to feel and think differently. I began to feel a gentle pull outside of the church, but still I wondered. I had no particular heart affiliation towards Africa, Mexico or Canada, nations that I had visited, so if this is a true calling, “where is the nation that is mine.”

During the summer I watched a movie that was filmed in India and I became fascinated with the land and the people. I watched it several times but was not connecting the dots at all that this nation was being planted into my heart. The rumbling continued and was increasing.

In November, I attended the annual International Coalition of Apostles in Dallas, Texas and had asked the Lord to let me know that week if this was really from Him or if it was just me. On the first night of the Conference I sat down beside of a lady from India and began to speak with her. I asked her what she did in India, never thinking about the prayer that I prayed. She began to tell me how she had 3 orphanages, 2 schools, a widows home and oversight over 55 pastors. I began to weep (definitely not my nature) and said “this is what the gospel is all about.” Spontaneously and without thought, I asked her, “What can we do to help you?” She showed me her pamphlets and how people could help sponsor the children. The Conference began and we talked no further.

The next morning, she met me as I entered and said the Lord said to her “she asked you how she can help and you did not tell her.” She said “Lord if it is your will, let me meet her again this morning as I enter the Conference.” What I didn’t know was that she had prayed before the conference that the Lord would allow her to sit beside of someone who “has a heart for the nation.” She continued to say that what she really needs is someone to come and teach her pastors Kingdom principles. Immediately I knew we were to go and impart into the pastors of India the principles of the gospel of the Kingdom.

Being cautious, I told her that unfortunately I get many “requests” from other nations and many are bogus just wanting money and I asked her for ministry references, which she was eager to give. I returned home and did my due diligence of checking out her ministry and it passed with flying colors. People gave her raving reviews of hard work, integrity and love for the people. It looks like God answered both of our prayers.

It is incredible what the Lord has brought about in 8 short months. Now, we have a team of 11 people going into India in September to teach the pastors, love the children and widows and to plant a church in one of the villages. We will enable them to get Concordances for the Pastors in their language and Bibles. Praise God for His love for all people.

When I asked the lady what the pastors need most, she said a Concordance. These are $25 each and are purchased in India in their language. There are 55 pastors, so we would need around $1500 to get them. If you would like to sponsor a Pastor for a Concordance, make the $25 check out to Impact Church and help equip them to break open the Word of God to the people. If you would like to make any contribution towards the ministry trip, please write the check to Impact Church. It will be greatly appreciated and well used.

Also, please begin to pray for the team that is going. We are spending the summer preparing ourselves spiritually and physically for the trip.

Blessings to everyone,

Pastor Donna



  1. hello pastor Donna,
    Calvary greetings from Kisumu Kenya in the wonderful name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus delighted to invite you to Kisumu ,Kenya East Africa to hold, Crusade, pastors seminar and outreach to the prison inmates at a date ok to your schedule year 2014.We are a church ministry,evangelistic in purpose.We reach out with the glorious gospel of Jesus to remote areas as well as urban set ups evangelizing anddiscipling people.We also plant churches.The burden is also upn us to demonstrate Christ’s love by helping and supporting orphans and widows.
    We are based in the lively lake shore- Lake Victoria.
    When you come you will conduct church leaders seminar from 8.00am to 1.00pm After which pastors will go for lunch and then join you at the crusade ground at 4.00pm.The crusade will commence from as 4.00pm to 7.00pm everyday for 4 days.We believe that many souls will be added to the kingdom.
    We are also ready,if you are interested to take you to different schools to preach to the students in government schools.
    Please let us hear back from you.Visit our
    Thanks so much.
    In Christ,

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