Can Your Dry Bones Live?

The Lord moved mightily on Sunday during our worship time as so many responded to the Word of the Lord to get rid of the dry hopeless areas of their lives. I want to encourage you to continue to water those dry areas with the well of living water that has been deposited in you by God…the Holy Spirit.

Just a few points to remember from the exhortation on Ezekiel 37:

First, The Spirit placed Ezekiel in the midst of dry bones, a place of death revisited and hopelessness. Then the Lord asked Ezekiel “can these bones live?” I believe the Lord wanted Ezekiel to come face to face with the hopelessness of the situation in the natural and the expectation of God’s potential in the supernatural. I believe the Lord was asking Ezekiel if he could connect his faith with God’s power and might to change the situation. I want to ask you “can the place you are in be changed from death to life and from hopelessness to possibility?” What do you see? The Lord asked Ezekiel, “Can these bones live?” We cannot have in the natural what we do not see in the spiritual. Can you see life?

Secondly, the Lord then gives Ezekiel His vision of the bones. He declares that He will put sinew, flesh, skin and breath into the bones. He tells Ezekiel to prophesy to the dry bones to “hear the Word of the Lord”. We must get God’s vision for our situation. Where do we find that vision? It can be found in the Word of God. How does the Bible tell us that God sees sickness? He sees it as healed (Psalm 103:3; 2 Peter 2:24, etc.) How does God see lack in our life? He sees it as a need that He has met. (Phil 4:19; Col. 9:8). How does God see your marriage or your family or your career or your success in life? He sees it as prosperous, successful and fulfilling. (Joshua 1:8; Psalm 1: 2 Peter 1:3). We must do just as the Lord told Ezekiel and that is to command the situation to “hear the Word of the Lord” and anticipate the sudden rattling of dry bones in these areas as they begin to line up and get in order, according to the Word of the Lord.

Thirdly, we must not give up too soon. Ezekiel first prophesied and the sinews and flesh attached itself to the bones. But there was no breath in it. The Lord told Ezekiel to begin to prophesy differently and to command the breath and life to enter into the body. For many of us, just seeing the bones come together and covered with skin, flesh and sinew would have been quite enough. We would have been rejoicing over the change, however, the Lord’s vision would not have been complete. We need to realize that the fulfillment of the miracle required two NOW Words from God. The first NOW Word set the stage for the second NOW Word. We must keep an open ear to the Spirit to hear what He is saying for each step in bringing about our miracle. The old Word of last season will not work in the thing God is doing in our new season. We must get the NOW Word, the Rhema Word for the moment to move in the Spirit and to accomplish the will of the Lord. Let’s not be guilty of seeing the initial change in our circumstance and then begin to think we can “take it from here, Lord.” We must be completely dependent upon Him and allow all self-reliance to be put destroyed until we are totally reliant on Him for the next step. This means we do not move until we hear the next “Now Word of the Lord”.

As we all “watered” our dry areas on Sunday with the language of the Spirit, I believe walls fell and chains dropped off in the spiritual realm. Continue to water your dry areas each day. We had a wonderful natural rain over the weekend here in Concord. The ground was so dry, but after the rain my rose bushes were covered in new buds and my flowers began to blossom as life returned to many of them. The grass was greener and even the birds seemed happier as they flew from one bird feeder to another. This was because of the soaking rain that the thirsty ground received. Whatever your dry area, keep it watered with the Word of the Lord. Pray in the Spirit the perfect will of God (Romans 8:26-27) and expect to see life return (1 John 5:14).

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  1. Pastor Donna, what a tremendous word.These are the things we have to take responsibility for for ourselves . “We” have to prophesy to our dry areas and “we” have to keep them watered by the word.

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