July 17, 2012

We landed back in the USA this morning around 5:30 AM and then finally in Charlotte around 8:30 AM.

So sorry for the blog problem while in Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria. The internet was moving in and out at the hotel and it was hard to grab hold of enough time to get something posted.

The trip to Nigeria was beyond anything I had expected. Pastors Yinka and Deola said it was the best conference yet and I believe the Lord moves us from glory to glory as we move with His Presence.

Terry and I had such an incredible time with the Pastors of Grace Family International Church and the wonderful people. The people of Nigeria and especially of GFIC are incredible people with such a serving heart and who are running over with the joy of the Lord. The worship at GFIC was electrifying and the talent unending. You could see the love for God and the excitement to worship Him in their faces. I ministered on Friday night on hearing the now word of the Lord and changing our life with the Prophetic Word and led the church in several declarations throughout the message. When I left the US last Wednesday I had Sunday’s message all neatly prepared, but the Lord changed this on Saturday and into the early hours on Sunday morning. Neither Terry nor I could sleep and we both felt the Lord wanted us to be up and praying for Sunday’s service. I spent most of that time praying in the Spirit, trying to discern the purpose of the early morning prayers. Terry also had a vision for the people and we passed this along to Pastor Yinka.

The message I delivered on Sunday was Praise: A Weapon of Warfare. So often we limit praise to just our Sunday morning experience and do not realize that we are to live a lifestyle of praise. It’s easy to praise the Lord when the corporate body is present, but what about when we are in the midst of circumstances that seem to be overwhelming us? This is when we need to crank up our praise and let the spiritual realm know in whom we have believed and in whom or confidence lies.

On Saturday, Pastor Deola had planned a time of fun and fellowship and there were many activities for the women to engage in. Saturday night, the worship was again incredible and the drama skit of “The Book of Life” was very moving. Dozens gave their heart to the Lord after watching the skit. Pastor Deola delivered a powerful message from 2 Kings 4 about the widow and the vessels of oil. The church was packed again and people were outside in the court area because there was no room to get in. This was the same situation on Sunday.

I just want to say thanks to all the wonderful people who assisted us while we were in Nigeria. Our appreciation especially to Tadi, who headed up the group of people who took such great care of us from the time we landed until we boarded to return home.

But more importantly, I want to say thank you to all the faithful prayer warriors of Impact Church that lifted us in prayer during our time away. We certainly felt your prayers and believe this is a large part of the reason the conference was such a success. Many lives were touched and changed for eternity because you prayed. You may not have traveled in the plane with us, but you were there. You are the best!

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