July 14, 2012

The first night of the conference was over the top. We were greeted at the door of the church by so many warm faces and warm hearts. The church was packed with hundreds of men and women and the atmosphere was electric as praise and worship had already begun. I don’t know when I have seen such enthusiastic worship. There were drama skits, dance teams, music presentations and the praise level was reached to the rooftop. Could our God not be happy with what He saw last night?

I was privileged to minister last night and the anointing was strong as we proclaimed the victory over the dead, hopeless and dry areas of our lives. The people so readily engaged during the message and were eager to break out of that which had been hindering them. I pray the Lord continues the good work He began in so many.

After the service, Pastor Yinka led us to a sitting area behind the sanctuary and a little girl came in with Pastor Deola who wanted to meet us. She is 7 years old and quite beautiful. She had been born in the US and moved back to Nigeria with her parents.

Today we begin at 4:00 and tonight will be a night of fun and fellowship. The people will be dressing the styles of Nigeria circa 1960’s. There will be 50 different styles of food to be sampled and much more.

Well got to go. Blessings to all! Donna and Terry

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  1. We miss you, two! Today’s service was absolutely one of Pastor Mack’s best! You will get to hear it I’m sure. Heidi and the Worship team were wonderful too! It really was a glorious morning!!!

    I am glad to hear things are going well, we continue to blanket you with prayer, believing our prayers avail much.

    I visited Pastor yesterday, he was sleeping; he’d been to physical therapy and was in pain and they’d given him medication, I chatted with family. We are steadfast in prayer for both he and Lana. John was at church today and looks very good.

    We are also keeping you and Pastor Terry lifted.
    Keep up the good work, God is looking over the balcony in heaven, smiling warmly and lovingly!

    Counting the days,
    Wydle & Deborah

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