July 13, 2012

Yesterday we arrived safely in Lagos Nigeria and rested well on the nearly 13 hours of travel from Atlanta to Lagos.

We had a great view of the Lagos area as we approached the airport and immediately I was overcome by the Presence of God. I don’t know what it means but I began to weep as we got closer and closer to landing, and truly do not yet know what the tears represent. I am not usually an overly emotional person, and this was certainly an unusual, but not uncomfortable, feeling. I am still pondering it.

We were met at the airport by the church protocol and their hospitality and assistance was wonderful We Americans could learn a little from these people.

We arrived at the hotel and were escorted to our room that has been nicely prepared by the church. The refrigerator was stocked with juices, water and soft drinks and the assistance from the people was warm, caring and genuine. They gave us a phone to use for local and international calls and we could not have asked for more. Pastors Yinka and Deola have truly taught their people well.

We still must be on guard as we Americans are open prey for the more “entrepreneurial” ones in Nigeria. We realized quickly that they would like to take advantage of our ignorance of their system when we were shorted nearly 25% on a money exchange at the hotel. We realized immediately that the exchange was not right and thankfully, Yinka came up just in time and intervened for us.

So today we begin our weekend activities with services beginning around 6PM Lagos time. The theme is Arise and Shine with fun activities planned for Saturday’s event. I will be ministering at tonight’s service and also on Sunday morning during their worship service. I believe the Lord will manifest Himself mightily as He does at Impact Church and as He does here in Lagos. It is so wonderful to see the cultures of the world and their love for God. It is beautiful to see the nations worship Him in their own style and fervor. Our prayer is that the Kingdom of God would manifest in this place while also back at our home church while we are away.

May we represent Him well as we join in with His people from another tribe and tongue. To God be the Glory!


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  1. I love to think about how wonderful our God is. When you said you began to fill weepy as you approached the the landing I saw the Lord was covering you with grace and that or assigned angles were placing themselves in ready position. I’m glad that your angle ran and grabbed Yinka to get over there and intervene in your behalf!
    I am eager to hear EVERYTHING that happens!
    We all love you guys so much.
    S. Arnette

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