July 11, 2012 Nigeria

Today we leave for Lagos and we have great expectations of what lies ahead. We both feel that this trip will bring a significant and eternal change within us and that God is up to something here.

We humbly submit ourselves to Him and His will and desire that He be represented well as we encounter the beautiful people of Nigeria.

I received a phone call yesterday from a prayer warrior (Deidra Mack) who while in prayer for us received the following Word from the Lord:

God has placed a crown upon your head to go to Nigeria as ambassadors that’s certified by him. There’s a shield that’s been placed around you for your protection, so go in peace. Go with the mind of Christ to love, deliver and heal. This assignment has been ordained by God. Every minute counts, don’t take any moment for granted. God has chosen you to do this for a time such as this. Go in confidence knowing that God has already gone before you and will meet with you there. Don’t be afraid of their faces or the unknown, prosperity awaits and a new level. The effects of this will send a wave of redemption around the world, in the spirit realm. Anoint yourselves with oil, as the oil will represent Gods fresh anointing and a outpouring of his wisdom.
(Pray the Lord’s prayer) When in doubt of what to pray the words will be powerful there.
I’m not sure what this part means but maybe it will come clear to you once you’re there. There was a lady there with you, a Nigerian woman, not sure why. Don’t know if this name represent something or somebody but its (bersheba).
I’m very excited about what God is doing.

I did a little research on the name and could find little on Bersheba. Here’s what I find there:

  • Bersheba is a town in Southern Africa and the only meaning I could find hints at “Grace of God”
  • Could be Beersheba which is in the Bible:
    • Name means “the well of the oath”; “the well of abundance”
    • Though he does find the well of Broad Places, he digs one more well. This one is at Beersheba, a place that also figured in the life of his father, Abraham. The night Isaac arrived at Beersheba, the Lord appeared to him and reaffirmed the promise of many descendants that He had given to Abraham. Isaac’s response was to build an altar and call upon the name of the Lord–to worship Him and ask His protection. Then Isaac pitched a tent there, and his servants started to dig a well–a sign that Isaac meant to camp out at that place for a while.

We also had prayer yesterday with Apostle Barbara and I recorded these words:

  • DW: God would release a fresh prophetic anointing while there and loose it on them and called for a prophetic wind to blow on them
  • TW: Nigerian people have an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Sent for the purpose of this assignment by God; That we would bring hope to the people
  • We will go into the nation by the power of the Holy Spirit to bring transformation
  • Holy Spirit will blow into the nation and bring change and we carry a deliverance mantle with us
  • Words we use will be like a sword to cut loose and break off the power of evil and bring people out of captivity
  • The moment we arrive, reports of change will be heard and the demolition of the kingdom of darkness/evil
  • Angels will guard and protect and we are mantled with the blood of Jesus
  • No weapon formed against us will prosper; Safety and Rest will be found during the entire trip
  • This is an assignment given by God; released to do this thing

I received yet a third prayer this morning from another prayer warrior (Deborah Cooper). Here’s her prayer:

Hi Pastors Wise,
Today my prayer is for Joy and Peace.  I know that you will see worship from a people that won’t be worrying about their image, their knees, their problems or their enemies.  Their joy in the Lord will be all that matters.  We lost it along the way, but they’ve got it!  I hope we soon get it back! Your joy will be made full as you participate in worship with them.  Pure abandon!  I pray that a peace is encompassing you like nothing you have ever known.  I believe that without a doubt the presence of God will be strong in your meetings and that he will bring a peace that closes out the world around you.  That even if you were to hear gunfire erupt in the far, far distance it will not deter you, but will only strengthen your resolve to preach the Truth as God liberates a people through you. I pray that as you disturb the peace of the status quo in that region, that demons will tremble at the presence of Holy Spirit that is in you.  You will be displacing demonic strongholds in Lagos that have existed for many a year; but the evil will be so destroyed that they will do as the demons did that entered the swine in Jesus’ day.  They will not move to another area with their activity, they will be forced back to the pit to remain forever!  Ministers of the Word will arise from your meetings never to return to their old thinking and so enlightened they will bring other brothers and sisters to the Truth.  This is what has been entrusted to you.  This is the legacy that stems from God’s investment in Pastor Robbins and His/his investment in you.  You are not laying another foundation you are building on the one that has already been laid- Jesus, Faith Covenant.  Of course you didn’t just start doing that, but now chapter 2 or 3 as it were is being written.

FEAR NOT! For the LORD YOUR GOD is with you!
Thank you God, for allowing me to be a witness to this great work.

We are so blessed to be surrounded by such prayer warriors who can touch heaven.



  1. As I read this I could envision the angelic warriors clearing the way in the spirit realm, making a clear path for you, forcing the demons away! I stand in full agreement with these prophetic prayers and believe that great things will be accomplished with the beautiful people in Lagos. Praise His Name!

  2. Been praying for you guys. Just wanted you to know Janet Sudduth is in heaven, see Bill’s Facebook post. I’m praying for his family. That made me cry today. Miss and love you guys. God is doing an amazing work there.

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