July 9, 2012 Two Days Before Leaving for Nigeria

It’s been busy today as we make the final preparations to leave. I spoke today to Pastor Deola and she tells me the women are excited about the upcoming conference.

As much as we are looking forward to heading out on Wednesday, there is a heaviness that comes from what we are leaving behind.

I don’t know when I have seen as many people afflicted with sickness as I’ve seen in the past couple of months. There seems to be an assault on the body of Christ in the form of sickness like I’ve not seen before. I remember in 1997 I was in Vera Cruz Mexico with a couple of missionaries and one of them prophesied over me that the enemy would use health issues to bring discouragement. This was not only for myself but many in the body of Christ. It was less than one month later that I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I think of the ministry of Jesus and how He went about doing good and healing all forms of sickness. There is so much sickness in the world today and in the church and it seems like almost every day I’m hearing of someone with serious physical issues. We must work on taking care of our temples so that our destinies are not aborted and we do not invite sickness into our lives.

Back to Nigeria, I’ve been in prayer most of the day about the upcoming meetings and look forward to what God is going to do. I received an email from one of our prayer warriors today with a list of how she is praying for us.

Here’s her prayer and I’m asking for all who will to join in with her in your prayers for us. Here it is:

My prayer for you today as you prepare for this trip;

  1. Just as you received the upgrade with favor, I pray for favor at your hotel.  I pray that you will meet people in the airport and on the plane that favor you with knowledge and further understanding of the area you’re visiting.  I pray they will give you critical insight into the culture, with a wisdom that causes your “knower” to know that what they have shared is a sound word and one that should not be ignored.
  2. I pray that God gives you wisdom even in your packing, that you will have things in your luggage that you told yourself you probably wouldn’t need but prove to be important to you during your stay.
  3. I further pray that God does for you what was done for Daniel when he prayed, that angel(s) are dispatched with immediate answers to prayers prayed during your time of ministry, while you are traveling and during your time of rest.
  4. I pray that your sleep is peaceful and undisturbed by anything, unless God needs to speak.
  5. I pray that every need is met before you ask.
  6. I pray the anointing of John G. Lake upon you that no matter what diseases exist in that nation, when it comes near the blood that surrounds and protects you that it dies before contact.  I pray that Holy Spirit empowers you as He did Jesus to raise the dead and perform miracles that turn the hearts of many to Jesus, changing the plight of women and the hearts of men.
  7. I decree and declare that no storms, bird strikes, mechanical malfunctions or people with “agendas” will occur during this flight or any other that you take.  Additionally, I decree and declare that ground transportation is safe and that all encounters are of the God kind, divine set-ups!
  8. Lastly, (for now)  I pray that relationships are created that abound; that the heavenly record books will record this trip as the one that brought the “breaker” to these people just as He did for us over a week ago; that there is such a radical shift in Lagos, Nigeria that it becomes infectious and breaks out in every direction.

I stopped at eight, deliberately! Angels are right now binding the forces of evil that would attempt to keep the word from going forth, Peace and Blessings, in the most powerful name known to man, Jesus, gor us at home (and you) this is probably the beginning of another shift, but we prayed for nations, we can’t turn back now.

Our love goes with you,

Thanks for joining in and praying!

Donna and Terry


  1. We agree with the words spoken above and stand united with all those praying for you and Terry and the incredible opportunity you have allowed yourselves to be a part of. It takes an obedient warrior to press in the way you are about to, knowing the impact it will have in heaven and hell. You have done well to instruct and teach the people at Impact to “be the Church” while you are ministering in other areas. The enemy would like nothing more than to play with your emotions and wreak havoc so you will step back from this journey to take care of things “at home”. We have your back. Go to the nations, do all He has asked you to do, be the instrument you were purposed to be. It is time for the sick to be healed physically, emotionally and mentally in Nigeria and in Concord. We are watching and expecting God to move mountains in this time. He has heard us before and has always answered our prayers. I expect this time to be no different. The earth is trembling, the mountains are being moved. The shift is here.

    Love and blessings,
    Donna and Chis

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