July 8: 3 Days before Take Off

It’s just three days and we’re off to Nigeria. The church family prayed a great prayer over us and confirmed some of the things the Lord had been telling us about the trip without any knowledge of what Terry and I have been hearing. Great prophetic words of what God is going to accomplish in the wonderful people we will be encountering and in us. We both feel that something is going to happen within us.

God’s favor has started as we called Delta Airlines to get an upgrade to more comfortable seats and we were given the upgrades free. This is a blessing!

The Word we hear is Breakthrough
for our time there.

Prayer Targets:

  • Final Preparations to go as planned
  • We are dedicating times of fasting and prayer prior to going. Pray these times will be fruitful and join us in these times if you will.
  • Revelation Downloads to continue

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