FAST2012: DAY 20

Day 20: Walking by Faith

2 Corinthians 5:7
for we walk by faith, not by sight.

“It was nighttime. The instruments indicated to the crew of the Lady B’ Good—a World War II bomber returning from her very first combat mission—that they had passed over their home base. According to the results of an investigation made many years later, the crew believed they were still far from their destination, failing to realize a tail wind had speeded their arrival. The pilot had climbed above the inclement weather, where a tail wind sent them whizzing past home base far ahead of schedule. Disbelieving the plane’s instrument readings, they traveled on until they finally ran out of gas over the Libyan desert—more than 100 miles past their mark. They parachuted to the ground, and for days, walked in the burning desert. Eventually they all died from hunger, thirst and exposure; their remains were found in the desert. When the wreckage of the Lady B’ Good was found by an oil exploration crew deep within the Libyan Desert 17 years later, their instruments were all in working order. She had been a loyal and true friend, but her crew had failed to trust her flight instruments. Their lack of trust resulted in death.” (Taken from “Harmony of Science and Scripture)

Do we every mistrust our flight instruments? The Bible and the Holy Spirit are our instrument panel and we must learn to trust in how they are guiding us or we may end up with similar results. The most important thing concerning any mode of navigation is knowing where we are at any given moment. As we plant the Word of God into our hearts and allow Holy Spirit to be our guide, they will keep us on route and moving in the right direction. Remember, we walk by faith and not by the things we see. It is faith in His Faithfulness that will keep us going in the right direction.

 Mark 11:22
And Jesus answered them, “Have faith in God.

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