FAST2012: Day 19

Day 19: Preparing to Cross Over

Joshua 1:11
Pass through the camp and command the people, Prepare your provisions, for within three days you shall pass over
this Jordan to go in to take possession of the land which the Lord your God is giving you to possess.

It is now day 19 and in three days the fast will conclude. Three days and we will be crossing over to take that which we began our fast to accomplish. There’s nothing super spiritual about the word provision, it simply means a collection of food. The children of Israel were told to prepare to cross over…take what you need, get your food collected and get ready to go because the Lord IS GIVING you a land to possess.

We’ve been on this fast now for 19 days. Some days have been better than others, but we’ve continued the journey and it’s now time for us to prepare to take possession of the land we had in view from day one. We have the privilege of seeing in hindsight what the Israelites encountered as they crossed over into the land. Was it different than what they expected? I can only image what must have been in many of their minds as they were crossing over the Jordan River. Surely they had images of peace, rest, and plenty. But what did they find? Immediately they found their supernatural supply of food stopped and war was imminent for them. Their first battle was Jericho, followed by Ai. Here they learned some difficult lessons of trusting God and obedience.

How does this relate to us? As we wind down our fast and prepare to enter into the promise of God, we will encounter opposition. If you have been believing for breakthrough in areas of your life, you must move forward with God and take what is yours. Remember, there was an enemy occupying what God had promised Israel and they had to be displaced. With each battle, God gave Israel strategy and He will do the same for you. Listen to His voice as you move out of the time of fasting and wait for His instructions on receiving what has been promised to you. God sent a fear of Israel into the hearts of the enemy and He will do the same for you. You are coming out of this time of fasting in power and authority and the enemy knows you will prevail.

Let’s not back up or back down, but keep moving forward in what has been promised. Don’t stop until you have everything the Lord has promised to you. Much like children, we must learn “first time obedience” and we will see many walls fall in our lives. When the children of Israel finally crossed over into the land, it was only the beginning, not the end. As we conclude our fast, it is only the beginning, not the end. You will begin to receive the promise of God for you as you move forward with Him. You are better equipped than when you began your journey, so GET READY!


  1. Donna, I’m Becky Hammett’s aunt, and read what she posts that you have written.
    Today I read your piece about learning to dance before going to war and this one about coming off a fast and to expect to battle. I know the LORD brought me to these messages in His faithful leading and teaching as I’m getting more desperate to serve and love Him and pray that He does a big quick within me!
    Thanks for being there for Becky!

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