Fast2012: Day 3

Fast 2012

Day 3:  A Day of Encouragement

Hosea 6:2 — 2 After two days He will revive us; on the third day He will raise us up that we may live before Him.

The third day is mentioned often in Scripture.   Of course, we know that our Lord was raised on the third day.  Esther approached the King on the third day and was warmly received and the nation of Israel was saved from hateful Haman.    Hezekiah was healed on the third day.

Prophetically, the third day is a day of deliverance, crossing over and breakthrough.   Many think we are living as a “third day” church and that we are in one of the greatest days of breakthrough in the history of the church.   This may be true!

And, we are three days into our fast and by now you may feel like you have been through a couple of days of wilderness testing as you have willingly laid aside that which hinders your relationship with God.    I remember once doing a 7 day fast with water only.  The first two days were incredibly painful as my body cried out for the food it was so accustomed to enjoying.  However when day 3 passed, I realized I had experienced a major breakthrough and my body began to quieten down a little and I became more focused on what the Lord was saying to me.     When our body and mind is screaming at us and demanding its own way, it is very difficult to focus on God and be ‘very spiritual’, but be confident that this will pass.

 Be encouraged during this time of fasting by knowing that the Lord sees your efforts and your heart.   He hears your heart’s cry for Him and He will respond.    Be encouraged that He is partnering with you in this endeavor to get closer to Him.   Rejoice in the privilege of having relationship with the God of the universe Who lives within you!

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