Cry for Revival: Healing Testimonies at Impact July 24

What an awesome time we are having as we cry out to God for more of Him.

During worship this morning, I heard the Lord say He was present to heal and specifically He was going to heal nerve damage.   When I made the request to the church, the altar was filled 2 layers deep with people who had nerve damage in a part of their body.

Here are a few testimonies:

  1. Joyce Jones:  “I have had nerve damage in my left ear for years.   No matter how close, there were certain sounds I could not hear.   I got prayer many times for hearing but not for nerve damage .  When you  said God wanted to heal nerve problems,  I responded and when you said place your hand on the area,  I was healed as soon as I touched my ear. I praise God”
  2. Heidi W.: “Near the end of worship, I could feel the presence of the  Lord suddenly as He (for lack of a better word) swept in.  While continuing to play bass, I was in   onder at His presence and about 30-45 seconds later Pastor Donna came forward  and said the Lord just made His presence known and that He wanted to heal  people.  After Pastor called for people with “nerve damage” to come forward others were called who needed any other kind of body healing.  I hesitated at first, but knew that I needed to go down off the platform and get in line for  prayer.  We were all instructed to touch the place on our bodies  that needed to be healed.  I put my hands on my neck.  It gives me trouble quite  often since I’ve had two vertebra fused because a disc blew out more that 10  years ago.  It affects my shoulders and feels somewhat numb.  While touching my neck I happened to look up and saw the cross and crown of thorns and realized that Jesus had already paid  in full for my healing.  As I was  thanking the Lord for my healing I could feel something going on in my neck and realized that it did not hurt anymore and that I had a fuller range of  motion.  To God be the glory. “
  3. Aretha E.:  Pain in her chest and when she put her hand on the area, it left immediately.
  4. Gary B.:   said he was having back pain and when he walked through
    the doors, the pain left him immediately.
  5. Kevin S.:  Struggled with post symptoms from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  The previous week was one of the worst weeks since the infection a couple of years ago.  During the worship service, God touched Kevin and the pain left and he has had no symptoms since.

Praise our awesome God for what He did for these precious saints today.  If you experienced healing, please let us know so we can give glory to God!   You testimony will build the faith of another, so share what God is doing in your life.

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  1. YES! Sunday, July 24/2011.
    We had tremdous worship and praise! People were healed!

    Pastor Renny McLean (Global Glory Ministry) was told by the Lord,”Worship is an affirmation of Me being present. That’s why when I am affirmed I have to manifest Myself.”

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