Living Well Inner Healing Conference–August 26-27

We have had so many incredible testimonies of how God has touched and changed lives during our past inner healing conferences.  However, the one recommendation we consistently have is “we need more time!”.  So, we’ve have decided to make a few changes to accomodate the needs of those attending.

We are breaking the inner healing conferences up into modules and will be offering monthly seminars with emphasis in particular areas.   Our upcoming Conference will focus on Rejection and Trauma, two very key areas in soul dis-ease.

The tentative schedule is:

Friday Aug 26th 7-9 PM: 

  • The Heart of Father God—David Bowles; Donna Wise

Saturday August 27th 9AM – 3 PM

  • Life Essentials for Total Health —Terry Wise; Dr. Joe Wadlinger
  • Released From Rejection —Dr. Shirley Bowles
  • Understanding the Danger of Unhealed Trauma—Donna Wise
  • Recognizing the Fruit of Rejection and Trauma —Living Well Team

Registration is free but required.  Please go to to register.    We will be limiting our group to 12 registrants.

A donation will be accepted for cost of supplies and lunch.

Some have asked if we are like certain other inner healing ministries.   There are similar bits and pieces in most inner healing ministries, however, we do differ in some ways.    Our focus is on understanding Father God’s love for each person and recovering the identity He has assigned to us that was lost due to sin and/or abuse.   Once our true identity is understood and embraced, other issues such as unhealthy emotions and dysfunctional behavior will be brought into submission to His Word and Will resulting in a healthy life situation.    We do not incorporate some of the theophostic approaches to healing but rather rely upon the Word of God and Holy Spirit to bring the necessary healing.

We are so looking forward to our next time together and know God will continue to break people free from the bonds of the past!

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