Wednesday Intercession 7:00 AM 7/20/2011

What a great prayer time we had this morning as we focused on our Cry for Revival. Several great thoughts came forward from those present:

  • Don’t think only locally for what God is asking us to do.  Make our revival cry global. This was especially significant after the great service we had with our Russian friends on the 17th. (TW)
  • “Cry for Revival” and let God fill in the spaces. (TR)
  • Russian leaders have asked us to bring our Inner Healing into Russia. Prayer for the necessary doors to open and God’s wisdom on the team and information to take. (SB/DW/MP)
  • When revival is infused into our life, (like a virus), it will become contagious. We are glory carriers (DB/SB)
  • Gen 26: (DW) Isaac was in the place of Gerar, which means “stopping place” where he had to deal with this issues of trusting God Once this was taken care of he planted and reaped a 100 fold harvest This will be the message for TNC
  •  Prior to revival, we will go through the wilderness where we will be stripped down and prepared for what is coming (SAB)

Prayer Wednesday’s 7:00 AM

Blessings to all

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