A Cry for Revival

On Saturday, June 25th, I heard in my spirit “Tell the church to cry for revival!” So we are crying out to God for revival.   Revival begins with each of us FIRST!

We must have an expectation for revival and we must be willing to be prepared for revival.   Our hearts must be broken open to receive what the Lord wants us to experience.   There has been such a revival fervor the last few weeks in all our services.   God is moving in our midst and each week, I can hardly contain my own expectation of what He will do.    Revival is more than emotional excitement, but it begins there as we cry out for Him and His Presence.

I fully expect to see signs, wonders and miracles occur for His glory and as a confirmation that He is Present with us.   I fully expect to see souls saved and reclaimed for God.   I fully expect to see the sovereign move of God in our midst where His Kingdom will come as He desires and for His glory.

What I know is that God desires for revival to come to the church at large, however, we are responsible for that which He has entrusted to us.   I know that God desires the generations to come together and also that He will use those that the world may deem as “undesirables” or “least likely”.

So off we go on our cry for revival.   It’s been a wonderful 3 weeks into our time of prayer and preparation.

I would love to have your thoughts and comments as we move forward.   Feel free to comment and may God bless us as we pursue Him!

Pastor Donna



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