Prayer and Fasting

Prayer and Fasting

On September 24th we are joining other ministries across our nation for a season of fasting and prayer.   This fast will last for 40 days ending on November 2nd.   We are living in a time like no other in my lifetime.  We are living in a time where much is at stake and we as believers must rise up and call our nation back into relationship with God.   The church of Jesus Christ must fulfill 2 Chronicles 7:14 by humbling ourselves, praying, seeking God’s face and turning from our sins.  Then we will see the manifestation of the promise of our land being healed by God.    

I ministered today on Prayer and Fasting and could not help but chuckle when I got into my car heading to church and my battery was dead.  Since my battery was too young to be dead, my first thought was how the enemy does not want us to fast and pray and wanted the message hindered.   Then I got to church and several were out sick, and again I thought of how the enemy does not want us to fast and pray.   The devil knows that when the church comes together and prays, things will happen.  

We must remember to fast in a way that pleases God.  Isaiah 58 gives us the model for fasting.   Our hearts must be clear toward each other, we must let go of the petty differences, offenses and criticisms of others and love our brothers and sisters enough to assist them in their times of need.

In the gospels, Jesus was asked by His disciples why they could not cast out a demon from a young boy.  In Matthew 17:14-21, Jesus said it was because of their unbelief and that “this kind” does not come out except by prayer and fasting.    What is the “this kind” in your life?   I believe there are spirits that attempt to keep pre-believers and even some of God’s people in bondage and are preventing them from receiving the fullness of His covenant promise.  Many times this simply comes from blinding their minds to the truth of what Jesus has done for us.  Remember that Jesus’ work on the cross has given us authority over the enemy and we must learn to walk in that authority.

If you will join us, begin today to prepare yourself for the upcoming fast.  Here are a few ideas on having a successful fast:

  • Ask the Lord how He would like you to fast.  There are partial fasts, full fasts and special item fasts.   I am asking that we fast food and not an activity.  The activity may be helpful to fast during this time as well.   You may want to eliminate TV or computer time and dedicate that time to the Lord.  
  • If this is your first time fasting, be realistic in your approach.  Don’t jump into a full fast as your first experience.  A good first type of fast is a Daniel fast and you can find information and a suggested food list for this type of fast at
  • Based on your choice, begin to prepare your body for the fast now.    Do not wait until it is time to begin.  When we make sudden changes in our diet, we often suffer physically for a day or so.  Begin to wean yourself away from some of the more addicting foods such as sweets and caffeine, so you will be ready on the day the fast begins.    
  • Carve out extra special time for the Lord solely devoted to Him.  This is a time to spend in worship, prayer and the study of His Word.  You may want to supplement your reading with a special devotional by your favorite author or minister, in addition to God’s Word. 
  • Make sure you do not just fast and then neglect or forget to pray.  This practice may be good in controlling the flesh, but it must be coupled with prayer in order to receive the spiritual power you are seeking.   There is a level of faith that can only come as a result of prayer and fasting and is needful for the “this kinds” in our life.  Identify your “this kind” and determine to be free from it during this fast. 
  • Journal your fasting experience.   Journal the daily experiences you will have during the 40 days of seeking God.   After all, a fast is simply a longing for more of God.  

I would love to have your comments, so I am posting a new page on this blog just for Prayer and Fasting.   Add your comments for all to see. 

I am expecting great breakthroughs in the life of our nation, our church and individuals over the upcoming prayer and fasting season.   Pray for all of those who participate to stand strong during the fast.   There are some who will be fasting for the first time and others who are fasting for major breakthroughs in their lives. 

We will kick off our 40 days with a ‘Face to Face’ worship and prayer experience on Friday, September 24th at 7:00 PM.  Come and join us!

Blessings to you,

Pastor Donna

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