Stand By Me

Got this today from Apostle Naomi Dowdy.  It will warm your heart.    It is a musical collage of street singers from around the world.  How beautiful when we all are in harmony together.

Be blessed and remember to Stand By Him! and you will be victorious!

5 comments on “Stand By Me

  1. Heard it before or one similar to it. What a wonderful combination of folks from around the globe.
    Great job putting it all together. It really is a small world. Be blessed beyond measure. Thanks for forwarding that.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I love it when people around the world share an experience. It brings us together and shows me how God loves each one of us no matter where we are. Thank you Jesus.

  3. I had seen this at a diversity workshop held at the College. I had not considered it in relationship to the concept of the body of Christ working in harmony! Being a musician, too, I can most definitely appreciate the symbolism and synergy it created. It was a delightful treat to view it again with even greater meaning for the work of the believer in establishing God’s kingdom here on the earth!

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