Rosh Hashanah and Remembering the Shofar Experience

I was reading just now about the “head of the year” coming up and the customary blowing of the shofar, when I thought about an experience that happened in November 2005.   We had just returned from an incredible conference where we met Peter Wagner, Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets for the first time.  After listening to their ministry and wondering where they had been all our lives, we were filled to the brim with the impartation of the Holy Spirit these men carried.    We loaded up with new music, banners, and of all things a shofar that no one really knew how to blow.  Nevertheless we were filled to running over with the Holy Spirit and this new found move of God.

We came to our normal Saturday night prayer and we were waving our banners, playing the great apostolic warfare music we had discovered and blowing the shofar (Brett, our trumpet player was pretty good at this).  We even felt directed of the Lord to march around the outside of the church with our banners and shofar, proclaiming the church for the Lord and declaring the region belonging to Him.   At the end of our prayer time, we had all agreed to meet over at the Cracker Barrel to continue the incredible experience of our prayer time.  As Terry and I and a couple others were leaving, we heard 3 loud blasts that were distinctively the shofar sound come from the top of the adjacent parking deck.    We jokingly said we would have to get “Brett the trumpet player” out of jail for disturbing the peace.    When we arrived at the restaurant, we asked him about blowing the shofar so loudly in the parking deck at that hour.   Brett said, “I didn’t blow it, it’s on top of my trumpet case in the sanctuary.”   We really did not give it a thought until we got home and it’s like our understanding was opened and we simulataneoulsy realized that the sound we hear was a shofar and that an angel of the Lord had blown the shofar those 3 times.  

The next morning, we raced into church to ask those present the night before “did you really hear the shofar blow” and 5 people confirmed they heard 3 very clear distinct shofar sounds.   We were rejoicing not really understanding the full meaning of what we had experienced.     

About 6 months later while at Glory of Zion, we picked up a teaching by Chuck Pierce on what the sounds actually mean and he says 3 blasts from the shofar means “that which has hindered the move of God has now been broken”.    Praise God that He was doing a new thing in our midst that day and we must hold on to that supernatural promise of God until we see the full manifestation of what He desires to do.

We must hold closely to our hearts the prophetic words and promises of God because God is faithful to His Word.  As we enter the new year on the Jewish Calendar, what a great time to hold fast to the promises of the past that are yet to be fully completed in our life.    What a great time to look intently forward into the future holding the wealth of promises we have already received.   

Rosh Hashanah is a time of remembering.  It is a time we can all remember the great things the Lord has done for us and how He has brought us through so much.

It is also a time of soul searching as we open our hearts to God in repentance for our past sins. 

And, it is a time of celebration and the blowing of the shofar as we celebrate the goodness of God and proclaiming a time of separation unto Him.  

What a great time, whether Jew or non-Jew.   Let’s remember those precious times with Him and hold fast in our hearts His Word and His Promises.


  1. Pastor Donna,
    I enjoyed your blog but had to share a couple of thoughts when I was reading. In respect to Chuck Pierce the #3 also means “resurrection” and the blowing of the shofar is the representation of the death of a male lamb which pictures Jesus. So every time I read in the Bible (especially Revelation) and hear the shofar (trumpet as it were) being blown I think of the death, burial and resurrection….. Blessings!!

    Pastor Eric

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    1. Thanks so much. God’s Presence is so important in our life and His manifested Presence is what we crave. He is good all the time and keeps us in all our situations.
      May God richly bless you!

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