Awesome Healing Testimony

My brother was told last week he had holes in his eardrums and was losing his hearing. At the end of the Sunday morning service at Impact, he came up for prayer  and the Lord healed him. He can now hear clearly what was previously a garbled sound.   This is the 4th time he has been healed since coming to Impact.  I told him I believe he has a healing gift and asked him to pray for some of the other people who needed healing.   Several came forward and were healed immediately of headaches, leg pain issues, ear problems, etc.    What a great God we serve.


  1. It was great to see God open someone’s ears and totally restore their hearing and then watch others come up and have your brother pray for them and see miracles occur in their lives also. We serve an awesome God!

  2. This just reminds me that God is faithful even when we are not or tend to forget.

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